Continuing Education

Although not guaranteed, we are applying for continuing education in Louisiana, Texas and Florida for select technical sessions. Please indicate on the registration form if you are interested in continuing education credits (adjusters credits only) in Louisiana, Texas, Florida or all three. 

Additional Information regarding CE credits: 

State departments of insurance regulate the CEU program for the insurance industry and require adherence to certain rules as a prerequisite to the receipt of CEU credit for adjusters. Florida, Louisiana and Texas CEU credit will be available for select sessions. To obtain credit, attendees must register at the Registration Desk and obtain a packet containing all of the rules, list of all courses approved for CEU credit, and required forms. It is imperative each attendee sign their name on the class roster and must be validated by the classroom volunteer at each class attended upon entry and exit of each class. Each attendee is responsible for providing the necessary documentation to the SCLA by the required date provided in the CEU packet or credit may be forfeited.

Questions regarding CEU credit while at the Conference should be directed to a member of the Conference Staff who will be available at the Registration Desk. Questions regarding continuing education credit after the Conference should be emailed to