5 Keys Every Manager Needs to Know When Fulfilling Requests for Copies of Claim Files

As companies look to improve efficiency, maintain high standards of security and achieve bottom line profits, key functions like fulfilling requests for copies of claims files can play a major role. Improving processes, strengthening workflow and ensuring compliance are driving factors to success.

In this session, Fig Annunziato, CEO of ClaimFox, will share helpful tips to optimize the fulfillment of requests for copies of claim files. She will highlight the importance of such requests and why this is an essential process to have under control across your claim units. This session will teach you how to properly respond to and fulfill requests (including subpoenas) for copies of claim files from:

  •      Claimant attorneys 
  •      Defense attorneys 
  •      Third party record retrieval companies
  •      Adverse insurance carriers 
  •      Workers compensation boards  

On average, it takes a claims adjuster 1 and 1/2 times longer to fulfill a request for copies of claim files than it does for a dedicated resource focusing on just that one task including tracking, data security, and related customer service. Additionally, accidentally releasing private data can be an egregious error, costing you significant time and money. Ms. Annunziato will address these issues and how to properly compare the cost of managing this process internally vs. utilizing outside services.