Awesome Claims Customer Service Part 2 - Say This, Not That

Often unknowingly, claims professionals make a telephone statement that will leave customers with negative perceptions. In this session we will review some of those telephone statements overheard while monitoring. They have been separated into three sections:

Careless: Things said innocently enough that can leave a bad impression of customer service.

Reckless: Things that can cause negative feelings.

Obnoxious: Things that should have been left unsaid.

Hopefully our appraiser we will be able to pay you what you deserve.
Problem: Doesn’t sound like we pay people what they deserve very often.
Improved: Our appraiser will make every effort to make sure you are paid everything you are entitled to.

Mr. Fogerty, that doesn’t make sense. Try to forget everything your agent told you.
Problem: Makes the agent look bad, which makes us look bad.
Improved: Mr. Fogerty, I understand your agent tried to help you with your coverages. Let me explain them in more detail.