Justifying Claims Training: Establishing the ROI of Training

You know your people need training. They know they need training. The executives know they need training. So, what is stopping you? You might ask yourself, “How do I justify the cost of the training?” Well, if you asked that question, you have already lost the argument.

Training is an investment, not a cost. You might be trying to “lower costs” in your organization, so if you view training as a cost, you will never justify it. However, when budgets are tight, that just might be the perfect time to invest in employees’ development. That is the time for the greatest amount of potential return.

If your car was getting ten miles to the gallon, and you were desperate to save money, would you run around figuring out how to cut your driving from 200 miles per week to 150? Or would you invest $100 to increase your mileage rate from 10 MPG to 35 MPG?

This session will provide a very straightforward methodology to identify and estimate the true ROI of training.