Teaching and Coaching Part 1 - The Art of Inspiring Improvement

Imagine you are an airline mechanic. You are the very best in your department. Other mechanics rely on you because of your job knowledge, experience and judgment. Then one day, you are called into your boss’s office and told, “Congratulations, we have decided to promote you… you’re now a pilot.”

That’s similar to the change in job duties and responsibilities when people are promoted into a management role.

Many excellent employees move into supervision because they were good at their jobs. They have strong technical skills, and are promoted because of those skills in addition to demonstrating some leadership qualities.

Once in this new position, they find themselves with an entirely new set of skill requirements and demands for which they are not fully prepared. At the top of that list is the ability to train others in an effective manner.

Usually, these new supervisors simply try to tell their employees what they know and show them how to do things based only on their experience. Without solid teaching and coaching skills, they rely on ineffective training techniques that result in the continuation of bad habits.

This session is specifically designed for claims supervisors and managers. It is designed to increase the results of the training they provide. It provides background and insight into how employees learn best and how to measure results. It also includes leadership and motivational techniques to help inspire employees to want to improve.