Team Building Games

Warning! If you attend this session you will be active and just may have fun! 

Sure, taking your team out for bowling and a few drinks is fun. To many, that’s teambuilding. But how many times has that taught them to understand the need to deliver accurate information to another team member? Or made them go out of their way to help someone else on the team when things get busy?

In this session, we will discuss, and even demonstrate (using you!), some effective teambuilding games and activities that you can do yourself with your staff or the team you lead.

Done correctly, teambuilding games can be effective in building teamwork, increasing morale and motivating your staff. Participants will learn to identify when to use activities, and which of these will lead to the outcome desired.

Learning how to play the game is the easy part. The challenge is how to tie the activity to the behavior you want to change or improve. This session will show you how to lead discussions to do just that. Come have fun, leave with a powerful tool to improve results.