Suggested Restaurants

(all distances are shown from the Hilton New Orleans Riverside)

Best of New Orleans if walking:
Restaurant August (0.4 miles)
Doris Metropolitan (0.9 miles)
Antoine's (0.9 miles)
Galatoire's (0.8 miles) 
Best of New Orleans if driving:
Commander's Palace (2.2 miles) 
Brigtsen's (5.6 miles)
Where the locals go if walking:
La Boca (0.7 miles)
Tommy's Cuisine (0.6 miles)
Bayona (1.0 miles) 
Where the locals go if driving:
Clancy's Restaurant (5.4 miles)
Casual yet delicious  if walking:
Horn's (1.6 miles)
Cafe Amelie (1.2 miles)
Red Fish Grill (0.7 miles)
Casual yet delicious if driving:
Port of Call (1.6 miles)
Jacques Imos (5.3 miles)